What is Gestalt?

Humanistic and existential in origins: the objective of Gestalt therapy is to enable people to live a flexible and creative life free from  patterns of ‘fixed’ behaviour that can reduce self growth and a sense of  satisfaction in their lives. Gestalt therapy also encourages self responsibility through increasing self awareness in relation to these fixed patterns, and includes a persons body mind spirit and culture.


Having origins in Zen Buddhism, Gestalt therapy teaches the importance of being present in the here and now. Through this process  self-awareness emerges


Gestalt therapy focuses on process (what is actually happening) rather than content (what is being talked about). The emphasis is on what is being done, thought, and felt at the present moment, rather than on what was, might be, could be, or should have been.


It is only possible to know our selves in relationship to the other. Gestalt therapy includes the authentic presence of the therapist creating conditions for dialogue, or healing through relationship supporting the notion that  the most helpful focus of psychotherapy is the experiential present moment.

The WHAT & HOW of the I & THOU in the HERE & NOW

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